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Cosimo offers a wide array of rare and hard-to-find classic books about and from the Middle East. Our collection covers books form the ancient Near East and Egypt, biographies, historic books, and literature. These are an ideal source in helping to understand more about the history, philosophy, and background of this region, which is often described as the cradle of civilization and which is now in the midst of historic upheaval.

These books are excellent for students, academics, journalists, or anyone interested in learning more about the Middle East. Cosimo's collection includes inspirational titles such as A Literary History of the Arabs by R.A. Nicholson, Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land by John Lloyd Stephens, The Afghan Wars 1839-42 and 1878-80 by Archibald Forbes, and The Alchemy of Happiness by Al-Ghazzali.

Let Cosimo be your link to this high-quality selection of Middle East books. For specific categories and descriptions, browse the menu to the left. Many top titles are listed below.

 Top Ancient Egypt titles

Baedekers Egypt: Handbook for Travellers The Egyptian Book of the DeadAn Egyptian Hieroglyphic DictionaryDevelopment of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt The Egyptian Heaven and Hell (three volumes in one)Legends of the Gods: The Egyptian Texts 

Top Near East titles

Enuma ElishLegends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew TraditionMyths and Legends of Babylonia and AssyriaThe Babylonian Legends of CreationThe Laws Of Moses And The Code Of Hammurabi

Top Islam titles

Mohammed and the Rise of IslamThe Alchemy of HappinessThe Early Development of MohammedanismThe KoranThe Spirit of IslamThe History of the Conquest of Egypt, North Africa and Spain

Top Biography titles

Ahmed Ibn Hanbal and the MihnaIbn Khallikans Biographical Dictionary, Vol. I Ibn Khallikans Biographical Dictionary, Vol. IIIbn Khallikans Biographical Dictionary, Vol. IIIThe Confessions of Al GhazzaliThe Mahdi of Allah

Top History titles

Baghdad: During the Abbasid CaliphateCairo, Jerusalem & DamascusHow the Codex was Found: A Narrative of Two Visits to Sinai The Egyptian Sudan (in two volumes), Vol.ITravels in Arabia Deserta, Vol. I The Origins of the Islamic State

Top Literature titles

LexiconAn Arabic-English Lexicon (in eight volumes), Vol. IISongs of Kabîr The Secrets of the Self The MasnaviAn Arabic-English Lexicon (in eight volumes), Vol. I